Silks is a beautiful circus art that will build strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Turn your life upside down!

Silks is one of the most popular aerial classes we have at Cloud, we have silks classes running nearly every single day!

Silks consist of two long strips of fabric and you climb, wrap, flow and fly in them. You’ll learn the very basics from how to climb the fabric through to complicated wraps and even drops. As you grow in strength and confidence you’ll find you have a new addiction. Silks will get you strong FAST and you’ll exercise your brain as well in developing co-ordination while learning the complex movements. Most importantly you’ll have lots of fun and you’ll come away buzzing from everything you’ve achieved.

Silks is one of the most in demand performance disciplines for corporate events, shows, cruise ships and private events and you’ll see why when you take to the air in this gorgeous aerial art.

Our teachers constantly keep it fresh with new moves and transitions and they each bring their own style to the discipline so you can find out what style is your favourite. Maybe you like the complicated wraps, or the flowing transitions. Maybe you’re just a sucker for anything splitty! Come and try silks and discover why it’s one of the most in- demand alternatives to mainstream exercise.

Upcoming Silks Classes at Piccadilly

Upcoming Silks Classes at NQ

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