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What’s the most fun you can have with another person without taking your clothes off? The answer is acro!

What’s the most fun you can have with another person without taking your clothes off? The answer is acrobalance!

Learn partner acrobatics from Kit and Helena, our amazing acro teachers. You’ll start off learning the basics of lifting and balancing each other and from there you can build a foundation to learn some really exciting tricks and transitions. Acro is a super fun hobby for anyone, you don’t have to be in a partnership to do it. You don’t even need to come to class in pairs, we all mix and match in the lessons.

If you have no idea what acrobalance is, check out the video below or search for the hashtag #acro on Instagram for some fun and inspirational clips.

Acrobalance, or partner acrobatics, consists of a base and a flyer who work together to create balance, strength and weightlessness. You don’t have to be a big strong guy to be a base and you don’t have to be a tiny athletic girl to be a flyer, we can all base and we can all fly. It’s about balancing the weights so that brute strength isn’t required.

Not gonna lie – you’ll spend a lot of the lesson falling off each other and laughing, but that’s what makes it such a fun lesson. And in the meantime you’ll sneakily be getting stronger, more toned, more co-ordinated. Plus you’ll have an amazing new hobby that’s quite addictive! What’s even better is that you can take your practice out of the studio and have a play in the park, on the beach, or even in your living room.

Our acrobalance classes are very popular so make sure you book in advance each week, they’re usually full. We have acrobalance in our Piccadilly studio and we have acroyoga in our Northern Quarter studio. The difference between the two is purely stylistic – acroyoga tends to have a slower flow to it and incorporates more of a yoga element. You’ll find yourself recreating yoga asanas or poses whilst moving through the moves. Acrobalance is similar but has more of a tricks based feel to it, with both L-basing and standing tricks. L-basing is when the base lies on the floor and literally creates an L shape with their body and legs, hence the name!

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Upcoming Acro Classes at NQ

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