Kids Classes

All Cloud’s evening aerial classes are for ages 16+, but we do have some classes for younger ones, from mum and baby classes through to kids and teens aerial, gymnastics and parkour.

We have mum & baby class in our Piccadilly Studio on Monday mornings (starting in June 2021) where mums can learn silks and hoop and bring their babies along with them. We appreciate how hard it is to find time to exercise or take up a hobby when you have a baby so we try and make it as easy as possible. Check out our video for the class here (the video shows pole and hoop in our old studio, but our new studio is even more amazing!). Head over to our booking site to book your space.

If you’d like a class just for your little ones we have Dance Tots on Sundays for age 4 and up – see more info on this here.

We also have two of our partner companies running classes for kids out of our studio, Totem Gymnastics with Helena teaching kids aerial and gymnastics and Project Z Parkour teaching parrkour with Tom.

Please contact each company about their timetables, prices and booking:

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