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Stretch Class & Flight School


Stretch & Flexibility


In our aerial classes you gain strength and flexibility naturally through performing the moves and transitions but there are always those moves that are slightly out of reach until you become more flexible. Our stretch classes are there to help you attain those levels more quickly and will work side by side with your aerial classes.  We will do exercises that will help increase your flexibility to help you reach your goals, whether they are to achieve full splits in both directions or simply to be able to touch your toes.


Stretch & Flexibility


Our stretch teacher Laura has studied yoga and Antigravity Yoga as well as studying physiology and anatomy texts and research studies to always make sure she can give you the best advice, technique and information in your classes.  For more information about Laura have a look at her profile page.



Strength & Conditioning Flight School


Our conditioning class with Michaela is all about making you stronger.  Aerial dance requires a strong core, good upper body strength and powerful muscles. Taking up aerial dance itself will definitely help you gain strength in these areas but there is always more to be done!  Our flight training class is different from a normal core conditioning class – we will concentrate on mimicking the moves that you want to achieve in aerial to make sure the right muscle groups are being used.


aerial strength conditioning

Our teacher Michaela is an accomplished aerialist and as such she knows exactly what you’re talking about when you say you want to skin the cat or air invert!  For more information about Michaela have a look at her profile page.