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Some recommendations for Cloud Aerial Arts from some of our lovely happy Cloud Hoppers


“I saw my first aerial hoop performance in September and have been looking to get into it ever since. There was a slight trepidation at first, because I’m completely new to aerial activity, but this was completely unfounded. It’s the right amount of novelty fear so you feel really proud of yourself straight away for doing simple balancing moves. These are immediately stunning and elegant and you feel like you’ve really achieved something. It was nice to have a bit of ache in my arms the next day to know how hard I’d worked. At my first session I was one of the few people not to have aerial experience, either from trapeze or pole, and yet I could see that everyone was being challenged and so didn’t feel like I was particularly disadvantaged. It was a fantastic activity I’ll not be giving up any time soon.” – Rebecca, Aerial Hoop student


“I was very nervous before my first pole class, I’d never done pole before and I didn’t know anyone. When I arrived, Maria was so welcoming and all the students were really friendly. No one is judged on their ability and there is a real team spirit, everyone is really supportive. I have been going to pole with Maria now for 2 years and love it. Each class is different and it’s amazing how quickly you build up strength and learn new moves. Pole is an amazing form of exercise, an excellent way to meet new friends and great for your confidence too.” – Elizabeth, Pole Art student


“I started pole dancing with Maria last year after a long time of thinking about it and I fell in love with it instantly. Since then I’ve also started doing Aerial Hoop and now I can’t get enough of it! Both pole and hoop have given me so much confidence, strength and a sense of achievement. Maria is a fantastic, talented and supportive teacher and the people I’ve met at Cloud are all amazing. The classes are super fun and we all support and motivate each other and I always leave with a big smile on my face 🙂 So, if you want to get fit, strong and meet lots of lovely people – come to Cloud and learn to fly! ” – Emma, Pole Art & Aerial Hoop student


“I have been taught pole and aerial hoop by Maria at Cloud Aerial Arts for 18 months now and over this time have become completely addicted to both! I particularly appreciate Maria as a teacher, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been struggling with a move and she has really taken the time to assess my individual approach, break down and explain techniques and help me get my move properly. The classes are really friendly and supportive and we have a laugh. Its an amazing feeling to realise what your body is capable of each time you achieve a new move. And in such an encouraging environment its really exciting to see your classmates achieve their goals too” – Marielle, Pole Art & Aerial Hoop student


“Having trained with Maria in pole for about 10 months, I’ve come to realize that one of her greatest assets as an instructor is her versatility. In the time that I’ve been with her I’ve seen her teach both guys and girls, ranging from theyoung to the elderly and people all sorts of shapes and sizes. She has a real knack for setting achievable goals for students of all abilities (many of which have never even tried any aerial arts – myself included) and can easily tailor her teaching to help students achieve individual ambitions. The one thing that I like the best about Maria’s teaching style is that she acknowledges the physical differences between male and female students and will teach moves according to each individuals strength, flexibility and experience. At the same time she regularly introduces new moves for individuals to practice, so you will never be short of a challenge! From my own training with Maria, I’ve found that my core strength and balance has improved over my time with her and for me personally, this has supported my acrobatics training and martial arts practice. I’d challenge anyone who has a preconception as to what pole acrobatics is about to give it a shot with Maria first. She will show you just how challenging and rewarding it can be.” – Jay, Pole Art student