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Post Pregnancy Ts & Cs

Once you have booked and paid for the course you may cancel and receive a full refund any time until 7 days before the first class begins.  If you wish to reschedule within 7 days of the first class we can defer your booking to the beginning of the next course but we will not offer a refund.  No refunds will be given once the first class of the course has started.


You will book and pay for a block of four classes which will run in consecutive weeks.  If you miss a class we will not be able to carry it over to the next week or offer partial refunds.


You must fill in a pre-exercise questionnaire before participating in your first class otherwise our insurance will be invalidated.


We allow photographs to be taken in our classes to help students document their moves and achievements and this will still be the case in our post-partum class but please be aware that you should not take photographs of other students or their babies and you should be careful when you are taking pictures that there are no babies in the background before you distribute these images, for example, on Facebook, etc.  Please also be mindful of catching other students in the background of your photos in case they do not wish for their image to be distributed.


You must wear appropriate clothing for classes – all jewellery must be removed before class – rings and bracelets can scratch the pole and cause injury. If you have an item of jewellery that you cannot remove, you may cover it with a plaster or bandage, but you will be liable for any damage of our equipment and Cloud will not be liable for any jewellery related injuries.


Cloud reserves the right to cancel or change classes at any time – we endeavour not to do this without plenty of notice and only during extreme circumstances would a class be cancelled mid term. If you have paid for your class and it is cancelled, you will be reimbursed or transferred to another class at your discretion


Cloud reserves the right to refuse entry to classes, for example, if we believe you have a health issue that will be affected by your attendance.  We also reserve the right to request a doctor’s note before your continued participation and we may request this at any time during the course.  It is entirely at Cloud’s discretion to refuse entry into class for whatever reason and Cloud’s decision is final.  It is your responsibility to keep us updated of any new or existing medical issues you may have, including those not connected with pregnancy.