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Mum & Baby Pole & Aerial

Are you a new mum who wants to get back into fitness but is struggling to find the time, energy and necessary child care for your baby?



Here at Cloud, we often find the biggest challenge people face with pole fitness is that initial getting your foot through the door. Preconceptions of what a pole class entails, and what you need to be to attend, acts as a barrier to people enjoying what is an extremely fun and inclusive form of exercise. Couple this with all the physical and emotional elements that arise with getting to know your post pregnancy body, and pole fitness may seem a million miles away from what some postpartum mothers would consider as a way to reconnect with the muscle groups that can go AWOL whilst growing your little human.


We want to change that at Cloud, and together with new mothers, have worked hard to create a safe space and friendly environment where new mums with their babes in arms can gently introduce themselves to the sport without feelings of self consciousness or worries that it won’t consider the challenges that many new mums face physically.


Everyone is in the same boat. We want to get you out, moving and laughing and hopefully making new friends along the way. We understand you might have a few questions first, read our Q&A section below, check out the brochure and contact us if you have any further queries prior to coming along.  Our classes consist of an hour of pole followed by an hour of aerial hoop and you can do as much or as little as you like.  The class is tailored to new mums and those who have been out of exercise for a while so don’t worry if you’re not feeling very fit!


Here is our full brochure with more information about the classes.  Cloud_Aerial_Post_Pregnancy_Pole_Brochure


If you’re not sure if the class will be right for you have a look at our questionnaire below:

Have you had a six week check up from the doctor to say you’re able to return to exercise? – If yes, you’re good to go!  If not, please see your GP and check with them before you book this class.

Do you suffer with any of the following pregnancy conditions?

Diastasis recti – this is the separation of the ab wall during pregnancy.  This happens to almost all mums-to-be, but it’s only an issue if your abs haven’t knitted together again yet.  A good indication is if you can fit two fingers down the separation channel then you’re not ready to exercise yet.

Pubic symphosis dysfunction – This is hypermobility of pubic bone so it tilts back and forth or side to side further than it would do normally and can sometimes sit out of place.  Whilst a little hypermobility is to be expected as your body recovers from birth, you need to be careful with it as damaging your muscles while the joints are hypermobile can lead to problems later.  We recommend just taking it easy with moves that move the pubic bone such as straddles and outward leg lifts, opening of the hips, etc.

Pubic diastasis – This is separation of pubic bone and can cause pain in the pubic area.  This is a little more serious and painful than hypermobility so we advise that you wait until this has healed before taking part in our pole classes.  If in doubt, check with your doctor.

Sciatic piriformis syndrome – Sciatica is a common problem for many people but is especially common in pregnancy.  Your glute muscles become too tight and clamp around your nerves which causes pain in your bum and thighs. The pain from sciatica can come and go so whilst you may not feel like participating if it’s flaring up, strengthening the muscles will actually help reduce the pain and likelihood of further flare ups.  We will make sure you warm up your glutes in the class and stretch afterwards as this will all help relieve the pain and may reduce recurrence.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Pain, tingling and numbness in the wrists and hands.   Whilst some of our exercises do put strain on the wrists we will modify these if you are suffering from CTS and we will also help you with wrist strengthening exercises that will help lessen the condition and may even relieve it entirely.

Other health issues to be aware of:

Your pelvic floor will be weak so we will be doing exercises that help you work on re-strengthening those muscles and our warm up and conditioning exercises are designed with this in mind.

If you’ve had a Caesarian section you must wait three months before attending and have the ‘all clear’ from your doctor.  A doctor’s note is not necessary but we ask that you sign a declaration that you have spoken to your doctor and are fit to exercise.

The pregnancy hormone relaxin is still present for as long as you are breast feeding, approximately six months.  The return of your periods tends to mean your hormone levels are returning to normal again but until that time the relaxin and progesterone levels will affect your body and your ability to exercise in the first six months.

To book your post-pregnancy pole course please go to www.cloudaerialbooking.co.uk and create an account (it just takes two secs and we never use it to spam you!).  You can then find the class in the booking section, click ‘book term’ and pay, then you’re good to go!  If you have any questions before you book just drop us a message at cloudaerialbooking@gmail.com

Check out our Ts & Cs before booking here.