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Pole Dance


Learn to pole dance at Cloud Aerial Arts with flowing moves, gymnastic tricks and graceful transitions.

What happens in a Pole Dance class?

Pole dancing at Cloud Aerial Art is an amazing workout and just so much fun!  We concentrate on impressive spin combinations, gymnastic moves, strong holds and jaw dropping tricks.  In our classes you’ll find strength, inspiration and hard work as well as a lot of laughter! We are constantly working on new spins, tricks and combinations to ensure that you are never bored in class and you are constantly developing your skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Our students build each other up and are always cheering each other on.


pole dance


We usually have an average of two to a pole so you’ll get plenty of time to work on those moves and we have lots of space to swing out in the biggest spins as well as soft foam flooring to cushion those landings.


pole dance manchester

In each class we concentrate on building up your strength and ability to perform your moves and we work on a different set of moves and combinations each month together with core training of those killer moves necessary to progress you to the next level.  We always start the class with strength and conditioning moves, followed by some spins to warm up the poles (and you!). Then we move onto the more hardcore holds, lifts and transitions. You’ll never work harder at the gym than you do in a pole class!


pole dance manchester


Our pole instructors are constantly working on self improvement to keep on top of the latest moves and come up with new and inspiring transitions.  At Cloud we pride ourselves on knowing exactly where each student is up to in their pole progress, which moves you like, which you don’t like and what you want to achieve next.  In each class we challenge every student at their own level and we’ll never let you get bored, nor will we push you into moves that you’re not happy to do.


pole dance manchester


We have both guys and girls of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities in our pole classes so don’t be afraid to come and give it a try, at Cloud you will receive the warmest welcome from all our teachers and students and we provide an encouraging and supportive environment so you can grow and progress with your fellow students, sharing each other’s achievements.


We have pole dance classes in Manchester, Stockport and Burnley.  Check out the booking site for more details on prices, times and a full timetable.