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What happens in an Aerial Hoop class?


What happens in a Pole Dance class?


What happens in a Stretch class?


What happens in an Acrobalance class?


What happens in an Aerial Silks class?


What happens in a Flight Training class?


What should I wear?


For pole classes the more bare skin on the pole the better.  You use your knees, thighs, calves and elbows to grip the pole so less clothing really is better.  If you are self conscious you can wear loose fitting yoga pants or tracksuits that can be rolled up when necessary for the first few weeks.  After that you will probably find that your confidence has increased and that your desire to perform the moves overtakes your self-consciousness.


For aerial hoop you want the opposite!  The hoops are wrapped in fabric which can cause slight friction burns on bare skin so layers are better.  Tight fitting leggings are the best as loose clothing can bunch up and hinder your movement.  Leg warmers that cover ankles and knees are good for extra protection against bruising and chafing as well.  Arms don’t have to be covered but it’s a good idea to wear a long sleeved top to start off with that you can remove as you get warmer.  Try to avoid those super shiny leggings as sometimes they can be a bit slippery.


For silks you definitely want everything covered! Silks can give you friction burns if you slide down the fabric with bare skin so it’s best to have long sleeves; arms, knees and stomach definitely want to be covered!  Bare feet is best as you won’t be able to grip the silks as well with socks on.


For the other classes including stretch, gymnastics, handstands, conditioning and acrobalance, yoga pants or tracksuits or shorts and leg warmers are good, as well as a hoodie or long sleeved top as you want to be as warm as possible when working on your flexibility and you may want to remove outer layers as you get too warm in your class.   For acrobalance you might want to avoid shiny leggings or tracksuit bottoms, you don’t want your partner sliding off you!


In all our classes we usually have bare feet as this is better for gripping the aerial equipment but do feel free to wear ballet pumps or indoor gym trainers if you like (no shoes with silks though).


I don’t have any upper body strength, can I do it?


YES. This is the most common question we get at Cloud, but the answer is always yes.  Pole, Hoop and Silks do require upper body strength but the joy of it is that you gain the strength whilst you’re doing the moves and before you know it those moves that looked impossible are a doddle!  By the end of your very first term you will be able to achieve things that you thought were out of reach in your first lesson.  Acrobalance doesn’t require as much strength as you would think, it’s all about balance – girls can base boys twice their weight!


Do you have to be super slim to do aerial arts?


NO. People of all shapes and sizes can do aerial arts and the reason this is one of the best forms of exercise is that you can tone up, gain muscle and lose weight without even realising because you are enjoying what you are doing.  An hour in our aerial playground will be like doing a full body workout at the gym and the difference is you won’t have to drag yourself there.


Do you need dance experience?


NO, not at all.  You will develop grace and co-ordination at the same time as you develop your strength and ability and even if you feel you lack co-ordination you will find it doesn’t hinder you in improving your skills.


How do I book classes?


Classes can be booked through our booking site as late as five minutes before class.  We ask that all classes are booked in advance as they can fill up and if you just turn up on the night we may not have room for you.  Booking online also saves the teacher messing around with cash and change at the beginning of class which means you get more aerial time!  You must pay for your class before you attend!


Can I try it out before I book on a full term?


YES. Find out more about our taster sessions on the taster session page.  You can also trade any of your existing classes for another discipline – i.e. if you’ve booked for four weeks of aerial hoop you can trade one week for pole and try that instead!  You can also book onto any class as a single drop in class to try it out.  Simply click ‘book single class’ on the class you want to attend on the booking site.


I can’t make every class in one term, can I drop in and pay each week?


YES. We do offer drop in classes for £8 in the Skyloft or £7 in Burnley, so if you can’t make all the classes in one month you can pay as you go instead.  As most terms are booked in advance drop in places are limited and we can’t guarantee you a place but we’ll try to squeeze you in if we can.  Check out if there is space in your class on the booking page.


What do I do if I miss a class?


If you know you’re going to miss a class in any term you can untick your attendance on the booking site up to two hours before class starts and you will be granted a catch up credit which you can then use to book another class.  You can catch up whenever you like within the month – if you have a catch up on the system you have one month to use it so make sure you remember to use it.  You can spend your catch ups in any discipline of the same or lesser value, so for example if you’ve booked for acrobalance, you can use your catch up to try out silks instead.  The only rule is that you cannot book a £5 drop in class such as gymnastics and then swap it for an £8 class such as pole.


Can men attend?


YES. Men are welcome in all our classes and we actively encourage men to take up aerial arts – we have several male teachers and we have male students in all our classes.  We expect all our students to be respectful and non-judgemental of each other and we work hard to create a supportive and encouraging environment for both men and women.  We are confident that any apprehensions you may have about a mixed sex class will dissipate when you experience our friendly environment.  If you are worried you might be uncomfortable in a mixed sex environment we can also offer you private classes.


What will I gain from attending an aerial arts class?


When you attend a course of aerial arts classes you will become leaner, stronger and fitter than you were previously and most importantly you will be learning a new skill.  In pole arts you will learn spins, tricks and inverts. In hoop you will learn tricks, rolls and drops. In silks you will learn transitions, holds and drops.  In acro you will learn lifts, holds and transitions.  You will be able to lift your own body weight (and others!), your core strength will noticeably increase and many people find they lose weight after taking up aerial arts, as you will replace fat with lean muscle.  You may also find a discipline and motivation you didn’t know you had; many people who have tried gym memberships and aerobics classes without success have found they stick with aerial classes week after week because it really doesn’t feel like a workout when what you’re doing is enjoyable.  You will also find that the environment encourages a friendly and social atmosphere as you will often see the same people each week and friendships can often develop.


Why should I choose Cloud Aerial Arts?


We love aerial arts and we really enjoy sharing these amazing skills with as many people as we can.  We want to show you how much you can achieve through attending our classes including increased strength, flexibility and self-confidence as well as the actual skills themselves.  We understand that everyone learns in different ways and our teachers are intuitive in discovering how best to relate their skills according to each student’s requirements so that everyone can get the most out of their class.  Our class sizes are small so each student will get individual attention from the teacher and will never feel ignored.  If you are progressing at a different speed to the rest of the class you will never be left behind nor will you be bored if you are excelling as we tailor each class to the individual students to make sure you all get the best out of it. Our teachers pride themselves on knowing exactly where you are up to in your aerial training so you will always feel well looked after and never ignored.


Students who have been to other aerial schools have said that Cloud is the most friendly, inspiring and fun atmosphere to be in and our students spend a lot more time at Cloud than just their hour long weekly classes.  Cloud isn’t just a dance school, it’s a community of like minded people having lots of fun – just ask any Cloud student why they keep coming back! Read some recommendations here or check out more recommendations on our Facebook page.


Is there anything else I need to know?

If you have any other questions just drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.