Classes run Mondays - Thursdays 6-9pm, Saturdays 1pm

Prices, Combo Deals & Offers



Taster/Drop ins are £8 a session or £7 in Burnley if you book online.  Cash payments in the studio are £10 to cover the extra admin required.

A term of 4 weeks is £30 or £25 in Burnley.  You can book a block of four weeks at any time.




We offer combo deals for our most hardcore aerialists so you can pay as little as possible to do the classes you love the most.


Aerial Twice Weekly Combo – sign up for two classes a week for four weeks (8 classes) in any discipline for just £55.


Aerial Triple Combo – sign up for three classes a week in any discipline for £75, making each discipline only £25.


CLOUD PASS – for £100 you can get a Cloud Pass for one month which entitles you to attend any Cloud class at the Skyloft, including pole, hoop, silks, stretch, straps, acro, gymnastics and conditioning. You can attend as many classes as you like in the month.  Includes all Cloud workshops and playgrounds.  Does not include classes with independent organisations or outside teachers coming in to do workshops.  All intermediate/advanced classes are included in the Class Pass but you must be of the requisite level to attend these classes. We reserve the right to refuse to admit you to any class or workshop under the class pass without refund if you breach any of our terms and conditions or class rules or if you are not of the required level.  Any such removal is at our complete discretion.


To take advantage of any of these great deals just book your first class as normal on the booking page.  When it comes to the checkout, select the combo deal that you want and pay using our secure Stripe checkout.  When you return to your account you will have one or two term credits or a class pass depending on which deal you’ve chosen.  You can then use these credits to book the second or third term in your combo deal.  Don’t forget to book your second or third term, they have expiry dates and if you’re not booked into the class you want it may fill up without you.





We know you want to share your aerial love with as many people as you can so if you bring a new friend to class and they sign up for a term you BOTH get 15% off your term, so that can make a 4 week term only £25.50 or a two month combo deal just £46.75!!  Please note this is for new students only – you cannot refer a friend who has already attended any class at Cloud including playgrounds and workshops.


Note: You will get the same discount as your friend, so if they book on for a term you will both get a term discount, if they book a combo deal you will both get a combo deal discount, etc.  This means that if you book a combo but they only book a single term you will get 15% off the equivalent value of one single term in your deal.