We have classes running every day!

Prices, Block Booking & Self-Training



You can book a single class at a time, you’re not tied in to multiple classes. All you need to do is go into the class you want to book and click ‘book single class’ and it will take you through the payment process.

If you want to save money we have a points system where the more points you buy the cheaper it is, up to 25%. When you create an account on our booking site you can top up your account at any time and book a block deal of points – all our deals are listed in the top up section.

Classes are generally £6 or £9 – £6 for a floor based class and £9 for an aerial class

CLOUD PASS – a class pass entitles you to attend any Cloud class at the Skyloft, including pole, hoop, silks, stretch, straps, acro, gymnastics and conditioning. You can attend as many classes as you like in the time your pass is active.  Includes all Cloud workshops run by Cloud teachers unless otherwise stated on the booking site, plus playgrounds and self-training.  Does not include classes with independent organisations or outside teachers coming in to do workshops, specialist workshops by our own teachers or fundraisers that we put on from time to time.  All intermediate/advanced classes are included in the Class Pass but you must be of the requisite level to attend these classes. We reserve the right to refuse to admit you to any class or workshop under the class pass without refund if you breach any of our terms and conditions or class rules or if you are not of the required level.  Any such removal is at our complete discretion. You can get a class pass for one month (£120 in Manchester, £75 in Stockport), two weeks (£70 in Manchester, £40 in Stockport) or seven days (£40 in Manchester only).

Block Booking

On the booking system pounds are points – e.g. a £6 class is worth 6 points but if you buy a combo deal where each point costs slightly less than a pound that is where you save the money. Points are non-refundable into pounds but if you can’t attend a class you’ve booked you can just unbook it up to 4hrs before the class starts and you will get the points straight back into your account. And points NEVER expire so you can use them anytime.


Training at Cloud is £5 per hour or £10 for anything more than an hour.  If you have a class pass training is free. Training time is subject to studio availability and teacher supervision availability as well, but we’re generally pretty flexible.  We have a Facebook Group called Cloud Training Sessions where you can post when you want to train and teachers will respond if they are free to supervise during that time. It is important that you are fully aware of the safety rules when it comes to self-training, you must use crash mats at all times and you are responsible for your own safety. Please read our Safe Training Oath before you train and make sure you are adhering to all our rules at all times. Your safety is our number one priority.