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Aerial Playground


What happens in our Aerial Playground?


Come and have fun in our aerial playground!  We know that once you’ve started your new aerial skills you’ll want to come back again and again to achieve more and more.  We also know that not everyone can hang an aerial hoop from their ceiling or put a pole up in the dining room so we have a solution.


Every Saturday between 2 and 4pm we open our aerial playground at The Skyloft in Manchester so that you can come and practice your skills, learn new moves, tips and tricks from the instructors and share your enjoyment with other students.  These practice sessions are brilliant for meeting new people and sharing your love of aerial art with like minded people.  Each aerial playground session is just £6 and you can book online at www.cloudaerialbooking.co.uk


These sessions are great for people who have never been to a class and are a bit nervous about starting a brand new aerial hobby. Our playgrounds are very relaxed sessions where you can come and try a few things out or just watch if you like. You can try out each of our different aerial disciplines and then pick the class you’d like to join. You can ask questions and meet our instructors as well as other aerial students.



aerial playground practice jam session


We hold our aerial playground at The Skyloft, Cloud’s very own studio in Ancoats, and we put up all of the equipment so you can have plenty of playtime on everything.  This also gives you a great opportunity to try out other disciplines.  Love hoop but frightened of pole? Adore pole but never climbed into a hoop? Now’s your chance.  Our playground is also the perfect place to bring your friends and show them what you can do. Please note that our playgrounds are not instructed sessions – an instructor will be on hand to help but this will not be an instructed lesson and should not be used as a substitute for a scheduled class.


Everyone is welcome at playground – you don’t even have to be an aerialist.  If you would like to take advantage of our space to use the wall bars, olympic rings, weights or floor space you’re more than welcome, we love anyone coming in to use our space no matter what they’re training.