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Aerial Silks


What happens in our Aerial Silks classes?


Aerial silks is a beautiful circus art also known as Tissu, Fabric or Ribbons in which the dancer performs lifts, drops, rolls, transitions and poses using two hanging sheets of fabric suspended from the ceiling.  You might have seen aerial silks performers at circus shows such as Cirque Du Soleil; this beautiful and graceful dance has been wowing audiences for years.


In our aerial silks classes you will learn how to perform this graceful dance, from the very basics such as climbing, foot locks and hip holds through to inverts, poses and transitions You will be supported, assisted and spotted throughout your moves and you will gain strength, flexibility and balance as you work towards each move. You will notice a huge increase in strength after just a few classes; silks is a strenuous workout with a great feeling of achievement when you nail those moves. Silks is a beautiful art that you will love.


You don’t need to be super strong to do silks, the strength and conditioning comes from performing the moves in class, you’ll find that you develop strength you didn’t know you had as you work on the moves, climbs and transitions.


We have silks classes in Manchester, Burnley and Stockport – if you would like to book onto a silks class go to the booking page. Finally, check out our Facebook page for photos from class and videos of our students’ progression.