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Aerial Hoop


What happens in our Aerial Hoop Classes


In our aerial hoop class you will be working in a hoop suspended from the ceiling.   We will teach you how to do fantastic tricks, holds and poses that will amaze and you will learn how to flow from move to move in the hoop without touching the ground.  Throughout the class you will be improving your core strength and flexibility as you work towards each move and at the end of each term you will be surprised with how much you have achieved.



Our aerial hoop classes cater to all levels of ability, from your very first class through to more advanced moves, from working on the top bar of the hoop through to drops and rolls.  Your strength and confidence will increase with each class and we will put moves together into flowing transitions. Each month we will show you new routines and you will work on perfecting old moves and introducing new.

Our classes are friendly and non-intimidating, all our students help each other out, spot each other for safety and support and encourage each other in their progress so you will not only learn new skills but also make new friends.

If you would like to try out an aerial hoop class have a look at our booking page for details of prices, locations and timetables.