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What happens in our Acrobalance classes?


Acrobalance is a combination of balancing and acrobatics consisting of partner lifts, holds and poses with a base and a flyer.  The base does the lifts and holds, the flyer does the poses!



In our acrobalance class you will be working with a partner and we will teach you the base and flyer parts of each move.  We will teach you how to do fantastic tricks, lifts and poses and you will learn how to flow from move to move. You will be spotted throughout your moves and you will gain strength, flexibility and balance as you work towards each move.

You don’t need to bring a partner to class, we all mix together in groups to help each other work towards new moves and you will learn both the base and flyer parts to each move. You don’t need to be super strong either, acrobalance is about balance and counterweights which teaches you to use your partner’s weight to assist with the movements. You will gain strength, flexibility and core control as you progress through the classes.

Our acrobalance teachers have been practising and performing acrobalance for many years and have a wealth of moves and transitions to show you, from your very first class through to advanced acrobatics!

You can book your place in acrobalance on our booking page and see details of prices, block booking and the full timetable.  Have a look at our Facebook page for photos from our acrobalance classes.